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On-Hub is a Google Wifi system that offers wave control for fast and secured internet connection. The design aims to capture the fluidity of wifi signals and is designed to be out in the open, which gives you the best signal. It has dimmable lighting, the cords are minimized to look tidier, and antennas are neatly tucked away inside its shell.



User Reviews: 

  • "The design is simple but still very aesthetically pleasing, and the app makes configuring and managing the router itself very easy." 

  • "Here's an unexpected bonus I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I do: it's nice not having those lights blinking frenetically in my peripheral vision all the time while I'm on the computer. The design of this is nice and sleek, and the low blue glow it emits underneath is nicely consistent."

  • "[...] due to its unusual beauty (routers are typically ugly) make sure friends & family know that it's a router & not some random geek decoration (lest they pick it up & accidentally unplug the cool "alien" device!)."

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